Enterprise House- WIP

Enterprise House was built as a major Edwardian technical institute. Due to the financial impact of two World Wars and an economic depression, the technical institute, as originally planned, was only ever half-completed. However, what would it have looked like if completed as originally planned?

3D Model type: Accurate internal and external representation of a potential historical build, using period architect’s plans.
Present Status: Around 60% completed. Now renovated and leased to businesses
Location: Essex Road, Dartford, Kent, UK
Construction: 1902, Edwardian Classicist
All renders are temporary drafts and do NOT indicate final quality or decisions.

This project also has a development blog post. Due to its complexity, due date is still a while away.

Photography is representitive only as model is accurate to original designs. All material is kindly provided by Dartford Museum.

Front Elevation



Grand Entrance




Facade Detailing


Front Doors



1st Floor Reception/corridor area, looking West



1st Floor Reception/corridor area, looking East (historically, Dartford Museum Collection)

Print6 (2).pngFile0432.jpg

Cookery & Home-making classroom

Print7 (2).pngFile0798.jpg

Rear Elevation

Low Hind

IMG_7916 (2)

Museum Wing (Intended Extension)

Museum Wing

(Note the unfinished brickwork in the photograph below, intentionally left for the intended extension but never used. This gives a good idea of the scale within a modern context; the planned extension was fairly substantial.)



Roofing High

Roofing Low

Museum (Intended Extension)



Other Views

Low Hind QuarterHind Facade DetailingHigh Front

Front Flat

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