cropped-cropped-cropped-overhead11.pngR & H Visualisation uses cutting edge technology and artistic rendering to cost-effectively aid in the planning process, create interactive educational experiences and even recreate entire buildings and landscapes lost to the past. Visit our development blog for more on the heritage work!

How does it work?

We will have a look at your blueprints, photographs, cloud data or idea. After some time of collaboration, you can receive an accurate, photo-real virtual model, video, series of stills or even VR experience of your design! Unlike most day-to-day visualisers, we actually create the design from the ground up using a method known as polygonal mesh modelling; the same used in the film industry to create the latest blockbusters! In short, this means our work is not only extremely accurate but also very pleasing to the eye.


Why should I be interested?

  • Are you a designer, developer or architect and need to show a client or investor your 2-dimensional blueprints or plans; but fear they will struggle to visualise the end result?
  • Are you an archaeologist looking for a way to effectively and interactively map, view and/or experience your excavations and artefacts?
  • Maybe you’re a decorator or home renovator after a way of truly collaborating with the customer on a look?
  • Or perhaps, you’re a historian, scientist or educator interested in engaging with the public in a more user-friendly way than conventional means?

We’re at a point now where photo-realistic computer generated imagery is used everyday in magazines, on billboards and even on television…with none of us even realising it! Ikea are known for this; in fact, their catalogue is now around 70% CGI! It’s more controllable, more versatile and most importantly, more efficient than location photography; especially for pre-visualisation or something which doesn’t at present exist in the real world. As such, if you are involved in any of the above fields, why shouldn’t you be interested?

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