From Roman Shrine to Edwardian Grammar School, and Victorian Steamship to an active World War I Airfield; R&H has completed many heritage projects, each with a different purpose. Unlike traditional ‘flat’ mediums, the spectator can virtually walk around inside a structure; feel the scale of a monument, or revel in the beauty of a long lost landscape. 
A ten-year old child can come that little bit closer to understanding what Greek civilisation was like 2,500 years before they were born; a centenarian can once again stand in the ballroom where they had their first dance in 1936, exactly as they remember it. This is what makes 3D such a precious, yet often under-rated, tool. R & H can create both artistic reconstruction and accurate visualisation. 
The past is never completely gone when you can experience it in true artistic or photo-realistic 3D.

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