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From Roman Shrine to Edwardian Grammar School, and Victorian Steamship to an active World War I Airfield; R&H has completed many heritage projects, each with a different purpose. Unlike traditional ‘flat’ mediums, the spectator can virtually walk around inside a structure; feel the scale of a monument, or revel in the beauty of a long lost landscape. 
A ten-year old child can come that little bit closer to understanding what Greek civilisation was like 2,500 years before they were born; a centenarian can once again stand in the ballroom where they had their first dance in 1936, exactly as they remember it. This is what makes 3D such a precious, yet often under-rated, tool. R & H can create both artistic reconstruction and accurate visualisation. 
The past is never completely gone when you can experience it in true artistic or photo-realistic 3D.

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Whether it be for planning purposes, selling a vision to investors or to inspire potential buyers; R & H has you covered. Our attention to detail and efficient workflow ensures you’re always confident in your construction project, no matter how big or small! Too many developers and building firms, particularly smaller ones, ignore the benefits 3D Visualisation can afford them, such as:

  • A clear system for ensuring all blueprints are accurate and budgeted for correctly.
  • Significantly better insight into how a project will visually appear in its surroundings.
  • An extra layer of confidence when making final design decisions.
  • A much simpler means of presenting your vision effectively.
  • Visual marketing material for pre-sales, especially on Commercial developments.
  • The option to promote your project on hoarding or other, to get passers-by excited!

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